Parent With A Purpose: Samary Polnett

By Wallingford Macaroni Kid February 20, 2017

Meet Samary Polnett! This woman is an amazing go-getter. While raising two terrific boys she became a School Counselor and part-time Psychotherapist. She also started a non-profit organization called Beauty is You, Inc. Beauty is You is all about helping young girls and women have a positive body image. Through events, workshops and mentoring, Beauty is You is striving to make a difference.

What's your purpose? What are you passionate about?

I honestly have to say that I feel like I have many different purposes in life.  When it comes to life, I pray for guidance and ask God to direct me to where He wants me to go. This has not always been the case, and I have ended up feeling like I am running in circles and in a dead end, but I am learning to listen more and speak less.  I am passionate about helping.  I want to help in many different ways and in different capacities and to reach as many individuals as I can.
One of my purposes is Beauty is You. It is an organization I started that focuses on motivating women and girls to build confidence and self-esteem. Throughout the year Beauty is You raises funds and uses the money to offer events, workshops and other empowering activities.

I am also passionate about education. I am working on sharing my knowledge with others so they can become advocates for themselves, their families and their children.

How has being a mom affected your purpose?

Being a mom has made me be more compassionate and passionate.  I am able to relate more with others who are in need of help in different ways and provide the assistance that is needed to those that I have encountered.  I have been able to see that everything in this world is bigger than just me and that life is much more than what we think it really is.....

What are your goals for the future?

As a mom, I want to know that I have raised well rounded boys who will go out into this world to make it a better place, that is my mom goal.

Other goals are to grow spiritually, financially, and continue to build on my current relationships.

What do you hope people get/learn/take away from your message?

We all have busy lives, especially with our children, and doing our own things, but doing what you Love and Loving what you do will make everything worth it! And that is PURPOSE!

What advice would you give to other parents with a purpose?

We ALL have a purpose in life, it truly is up to us to carry out this purpose.  We are not always meant to do this alone, so seek guidance, mediate; wherever you go for quiet time, seek it, and spend time there, the more you do this, the clearer your vision will be.